We keep it simple (yes, we know simple is hard). We put in long hours trying to learn everything about your users: what they want, need, believes. Hey, sometimes we go as far as knowing how many times they eat fries. We are not afraid of white space but we are also not afraid of color. We don’t do design fads. We will try to impress you.

  • Web & Mobile Development.
  • ERP software Solution (All types), Planning And Implementation.
  • UX/UI Design, Branding and Media support.
  • Hosing support, Cloud Computing and Maintanance.
  • Embedded Development.

Our Products

We launch products that solve real world problems. We use lean and agile product development methodologies. Whether you need us to build complete solutions or fix a tired and broken product, our team will help you reach your end goal.

  • ERP (dairy, GST Billing and Accounting softwares etc.).
  • Educational(Online Exam., Manegement etc.)
  • E-commerce, Web and Applications.
  • Embedded Products

About e-Brand Promotion

Discover Who We Are And Why You Should Hire Us

eBrand Promotion is a web design agency in Abuja which provides innovative web solutions in Nigeria for businesses and organizations. Our team of highly skilled web designers uses the latest technologies in the field of web development to ensure that our clients’ website design needs are satisfied promptly, professionally and at an affordable rate. We always conform to international best practices in the provision of world-class web design services to clients in Nigeria and beyond.

Over the past 2 years, eBrand Promotion has completed over 100+ website design projects and has grown from a sole proprietorship, the model for web design firms in India, to a full-scale website design agency offering innovative web design solutions to all sectors in Nigeria’s emerging economy. The focus of eBrand has always been to push through new boundaries and go the extra mile to provide clients with quality service that is beyond their expectation.

Our mission as a leading web design company in Nigeria is to provide web solutions that will help our clients businesses grow and expand online. This is why we do not just design websites that are visually appealing, we also ensure that all websites we design are search engine friendly and fully optimized to convert visitors to customers.

Therefore, if you looking for a way to improve your business, increase sales, and attract more customers, look no further. eBrand uses some of the most powerful web design tools to accomplish your online presence goals. Our websites are irresistible and are guaranteed to deliver you results.

Being the web design arm of a full-service digital marketing agency, eBrand Promotion builds websites that are fully optimized to provide growth for businesses beyond what most clients can imagine.

Our website development team consists of experts in every discipline, and our process combines your business’ needs, research, experience, and teamwork to provide an amazing site that brings you business.