Definition’s : – 

  • SMS – “SMS” means a message which is sent through short message service and includes a Multi Media message which is sent through Multi Media message service (MMS);


  • Message – “message” shall have the meaning assigned to it in clause (3) of section 3 of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 (13 of 1885).


  • Customer – “customer” means subscriber.


  • Subscriber – “Subscriber” means a person or legal entity who subscribes to a telecom service provided by an Access Provider.


  • Transactional Message – “Transactional message” means an SMS containing only—(i) information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financialinstitution or insurance company or credit card company or Access Provider pertaining to the account of that customer(s),(ii) information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorised agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation;(iii) information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students;(iv) any other message as may be specified by the Authority, from time to time as “Transactional message”;


  • Promotional Message – “promotional message” means message containing promotional material or advertisement of a product or service.


  • Commercial Communication – means any message, voice or SMS, made through telecommunications service, which is transmitted for the purpose of informing about, or soliciting or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investment or services.


  • Header – “Header” means alpha numeric identifier of commercial and Transactional SMS.


  • National Numbering Plan –  means the National Numbering Plan 2003 made by the Central Government or any such plan, as may be made by the Central Government from time to time.


  • Regulations – “regulations” means the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010.


  • Unsolicited commercial communication – “unsolicited commercial communication” means any commercial
    communication which a subscriber opts not to receive but does not include , —-
    (i) any transactional message; or
    (ii) any message transmitted on the directions of central Government or State Government or agencies authorized by it;