bulk sms house Refund policy

Refund Policy

Impotant: We clearly have No Refund Policy. We do not return the amount once the product or services purchased so, kindly check the product at your end by purchasing the lower amount plans.

We will refund your amount only in special case if approved by the management of MicroNet Infocom & logistics Pvt. Ltd. in writing, but if someone tries to misuse, they’re legally bound.

Refund Policy

  • We Bulk SMS House do-not have any refund policy, funds or payment transferred to us will never be refunded. So kindly test our services well before making any bigger transactions.
  • No refunds will be made in any case for any fees already collected like branding fees, licenses, monthly administration fees, and any other setup or onetime fee that the User may pay to bulksmshouse.com.
  • Before starting any relationship with us we advice you to test our services. We do not offer any refund of money at any stage or at any condition once the transaction has done unless bulksmshouse agreed.
  • In case, bulksmshouse agreed to refund money it will take 60 to 90 days but not more then that from the date of request received by bulksmshouse through e-mail (registered with the bulksmshouse) or by regular post. All charges like monthly fee (pro-rata basis), sms charges (for unused credits), 15% processing charges will be deducted from the refundable amount.
  • The User expressly understands that rate, calculated by the number of credits to specific destination network may change due to various factors, and that bulksmshouse.com may adjust these credits whenever it deems it necessary to do so, with or without prior notice to the User.

Modification of Terms

bulksmshouse.com frequently updates, modifies, and otherwise continually makes efforts to improve all the bulksmshouse.com services and products. Such changes often dictate that we simultaneously modify our Terms and Conditions of Use. Hence, bulksmshouse.com shall have the right to modify any or all the terms of this Agreement and to change or drop any aspect or feature of the bulksmshouse.com service, in either case, as it deems reasonably necessary. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting of such addition, change, or deletion. Any use by the User of the Service after any such change has been posted shall be construed as the acceptance of any such changes. If the User is not agreeable to any such changes, the Service may be canceled in accordance with the procedures for cancellation set forth in this Agreement. The User acknowledges its responsibility to read and review this Agreement from time to time and also to be aware of any such changes.

Termination, Cancellation and/or Suspension

Termination, Cancellation and/or Suspension by bulksmshouse.com – This Agreement and the license granted hereunder can be terminated, canceled and/or suspended by bulksmshouse.com at any time if, in bulksmshouse.com’s sole discretion, the User has breached the Terms of Service. Such termination, cancellation and/or suspension by bulksmshouse.com shall come into effect immediately after giving notice by bulksmshouse.com to the User in any reasonable manner, including but not limited to, notification by e-mail. Upon, during, and/or after any such breach, bulksmshouse.com has the option to suspend, terminate and/or cancel this Agreement. In addition, bulksmshouse.com has the right to recover any and all damages from the User arising from or relating to the event(s) giving rise to the suspension, termination or cancellation. bulksmshouse.com reserves the right to suspend the client’s service at any stage for any reason that it may deem necessary in order to continue to provide any of its services in a way that may be hindered by the Client’s status as being a bulksmshouse.com client, or the financial status of the client or the content of the messages originating from the client.