Know about Transaction SMS And Promotion SMS
What is Transaction SMS? | What is Promotion SMS?

What is Transaction SMS

Transaction SMS – it is a Types of SMS Service which is available to Send any Time 24X7 to your users mobile number, . it is Mostly send to communicate Important Information like OTP, Transaction SMS, Payment Information, Bank Transaction, Schools are using for send and Announce fee Remainder, Fee deposit alert, Holiday announcement, Schedule of special classes and many more, it is used for send only important information. it is non promotional or non marketing sms Service which is not sending for sales or marketing purpose. 

Transaction sms can allow to send Informational SMS on DND (Do Not Disturb) enable Numbers.

What is Promotional SMS ?

Promotional SMS – it is a Types of SMS Service which is available to Send between 09:00 AM to 09:00PM to your any mobile number witch not enable to DND (Do Not Disturb)Service

It is Mostly Used to send Marketing Related or Sales related Information, like Offers, Schemes, Discount, Product Detail, Product Information, Prices or Product, How to buy Product or service. Promotion sms is Send to increase Sales.

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