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About Bulk SMS House

Bulk SMS House is an initiative of Inter bound Resources, a leading Mobile Marketing company in India. Register office located in Mahaveer ward, Tikari, Betul, Madhya Pradesh. Our cutting-edge mobile communication platform helps individuals, businesses, government, and religious bodies in India to Promotion, Marketing, inform, notify, alert, interact, transact and share information on a more personal basis.

Our reliable web to phones messaging service enables you to send Short Messaging Solution (SMS) to hundreds of Lac’s of your customers, members and other individuals with the Click/touch of a button. With our uniquely designed Bulk SMS Gateway, you can schedule your messages to be delivered at a later time. You also have the opportunity to send SMS with a customized sender ID.

As part of our efforts to help our pool of clientele realize their full potential and equip them with a competitive edge, we constantly update ourselves with the latest technological trend. We also provide secure online ATM,Debit Card, Credit Card, Visa Card, Internet Banking payment that help our clients seamlessly pay for SMS credits and have their accounts credited instantly. We give you timely delivery report of your SMS.

We Served numerous clients from different sectors: corporate businesses, government agencies, political organisations, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, individuals, religious, as well as professional bodies.

Bulk SMS House Social Communication

Our bulk text messaging platform is excellent in sending out Transaction Alert, Special Announcment, Promotion SMS, Voice SMS, wedding invitation, meeting notification, special season’s greetings, Regional programme and event invitation. Students have found our SMS gateway useful in communicating quick reminders and important information. Our bulk SMS interface is extremely simple yet effective.

We put all our efforts into the applications which allow you individuals and organizations to manage and control the use and effective distribution of text messages themselves. We have a lot of features for you to enjoy which includes mobile extractor, Text Scheduling, text merge, phone contacts directory, SMS API’s, Excel Plugin Software and many others.

Business Communication

Considering the overwhelmingly popularity of mobile phones in India and abroad, businesses can no longer ignore the importance of sending text messages in business advertising, sales promotion, product launching and customer services. Text messaging has become the most cutting-edge marketing technique being used today.

Use our system to creatively revolutionize the way your business communicates with prospective and current customers. Equally, it makes business sense to use our text messaging platform to notify, interact and effectively communicate with your suppliers and employees.

About Bulk SMS House

Bulk SMS House is a complete SMS Solution portal Designed, we are the providers of complete Web, Mobile and Hosting Solutions from Web Development, Web Hosting, SMS Solutions, Corporate Trainings and much more…

We are We are one of the leading providers of bulk SMS in India and Worldwide, with the best of the bulk SMS tool i.e. Web based, Excel plugin and API for all languages etc. We cover 800+ operators worldwide. We are committed to a tried, tested and reliable high quality India and worldwide bulk SMS service.

Who are we?

A mobile solutions company addressing requirements of customers, help in improving business processes by taking advantage of latest technologies. At BulkSMSHouse, we create enterprise solutions; a perfect means of changing the way companies do business, by speeding up communication and information flow of our clients in building global brands.

With the aim of becoming the partner of choice for our clients in the chosen field of mobile and software services, BulkSMSHouse continuously improving its software engineering and delivery processes by applying industry typical methodologies. This focus, along with our prominence on customer satisfaction, makes BulkSMSHouse a tactical partner who can provide its customers the competitive advantage in their business.

A global mobile solutions provider, with our extensive technical skill base, and our attentive eye on business issues, we help our clients achieve their goals and realize a high return. We have a huge network to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency at all times and a very creative team that understands the client’s requirements and delivers perfect solutions.

Why Us ?

There are many reasons to choose one of the best in the industry, following are some of them.

  • A lot of things have been kept in mind while developing BulkSMSHouse web application using the latest technologies and at the same time keeping in mind customer requirements.
  • Very easy to use and at a very economical rate.
  • Dedicated team working 24X7 to provide support through Email / Chat / Telephone and solving customer queries.
  • Multiple routes and backup routes to provide un-interrupted service to customers.
  • Scheduling Option, you can schedule and send SMS.
  • Facility to import contacts from MS Excel.
  • Long SMS facility available (More than 160 Characters).
  • Real Time Delivery Reports.

Our Mission

We intend to include the best and the latest in technologies and services thereby creating a pool of benefits and joyous environment for our Clients, in the new boundary-free global economy.

We Build connectivity with your client or users

we Provide Trusted connectivity wity your client