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Bulk SMS House now give you a chance to verify your customer through our OTP SMS service. OTP SMS ” ONE TIME PASSWORD” it is a auto generated code that is sent to the register mobile phone who has initiated the request.OTPs are used to authenticate and verify users whenever they initiate a transaction or a session on your app and website

Best way to verify your customer

Indias best Verification code/OTP SMS Provider


Every business, website, ecommerce website, small, and big enterprises, corporate, Government and private department, Bank’s, Insurance company, Finance companies Media company and many more.

  • Banks- To verify their client to make Transactions.
  • Ecommerce website – To register verify customer and take and deliver orders from it.
  • Online service providers – To register and verify their user
  • Travel Booking services – To Book Tickets and take fares.
  • Government agencies – To verify people


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