Long Code Service

Our web based control panel is fully featured which helps you to reach your customers irrespective of time and place. It is easy to use control panel with user friendly UI Necessary information is available into the panel i.e. sender’s mobile number, message, date and time of message. For every keyword and sub keywords you can manage your reply message. Real time reports downloading in excel format is available with the panel

About Long-Code

Dedicated Long code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the customers. In a shared long code environment every company which wants to avail this service will be provided with a Keyword (Keyword is an unique identifier for your company on our shared Long code. e.g. if, your companies name is ABC Ltd and you took a keyword say ABCL on our long code then every message which starts with ABCL and a blank space will be forwarded to your panel. In short we recognize the incoming messages on the basis of keywords and forward it to the respective companies account).

Long code Keyword SMS | 9664653344

Long Code Keyword SMS Service is two-way SMS communicator service which is majorly used for voting, polling,& promote value added services. This service is majorly used to generate leads or receive valuable feedback and opinions from the customers/Client’s. Based on a Bulk SMS campaign, clients can text keywords to long codes and receive an appropriate message or feedback for the same. Long Code Keyword SMS service is nothing but a 10-digit dedicated mobile number, which is used for SMS campaigns and other value added services between organization and its clients.  Long Code Keyword SMS service is the best way to have a direct interaction with your targeted customers/client’s.

These services are mainly used for online surveys, take part in surveys or contests, participating in voting and polling, giving feedback. voting for a reality show on Television, Marketing or promoting Media Entertainment news online subscriptions, examination results can be tracked via Long code SMS service, for lead generation automated, The major advantage is one can receive SMS from anywhere in the world 

automated, ,., where as with Short Code services it is limited to particular country only. Also one has an added advantage of low cost long code services as compared to short code services.

With Long Code SMS service,

one can choose a mobile number of his own choice as it has a dedicated number. It also offers Instant response and real-time web reporting status. No wonder, , polling results where one can expect real time results.

BULK SMS HOUSE is Long Code Keyword SMS service provider offering dedicated 10-digit mobile number for promoting offers and product details. With our long code services, we offer best of mobile marketing opportunity to communicate effectively with your customers anywhere in the world.

Feature of Long Code

  • Shared SMS Longcode number 9664653344
  • Keyword: Minimum two characters, subject to availability
  • Email Forwarding :(with senders mobile number and message in real time)
  • SMS Forwarding :[optional] ( Cost Per forwarding, will be sent in India only)
  • Data Security : No Data Loss, incase your URL is down, our system will send an email to you and will retry posting data after 15 minutes till 48 hours
  • Unlimited Sub-Keywords:If you are subscribing for Main Keyword then you will get Unlimited Sub-Keywords.
  • Full Report:You will get complete report by state-wise report, operator-wise report, Number-wise Report, etc.,
  • 2 Way SMS Option:You will have the option for Pushing Sms and Pulling Sms on the same Web Panel.
  • Auto Reply:You can set your own Auto Reply message.
  • Auto Reply SMS : Optional you need to Buy Transactional SMS for Auto Reply
  • Easy Retrieval:You can set the URL and retrieve all the reports on your specified URL.

Tips you can use :-

  • URL Post Status: You can enable or disable url post i.e forwarding of a carbon copy of incoming sms to your url
  • URL Details: You need to provide your complete url e.g http://yoursite.com/smshandler.php
    When an incoming message for your keyword comes in, it will be forwarded to your URL as per following details (with the real values) –


The variables we send to you on the query string are:
who – phone number of the incoming sms
what – the complete message

  • Dynamic Response :You can enable or disable dynamic response as per your requirement. Once we post query string to your url, our server will wait for the response in case dynamic response is enabled. Remeber, dynamic response should be quick enough from your server otherwise a time out error may occur.
    Make sure there is not HTML in your response.

Dynamic Parameter: You can use any parameter and value in your URL. Just make sure to pass hardcoded  %who ,  %what ,  %operator ,  %circle ,  %time for parameters representing number of sms sender , message , operator , circle and date-time respectively. We are appending an examples to make you more clear on this subject E.g.

: http://domainname.com/yourpage.aspx?who=%who&what=%what&operator=%operator&circle=%circle&datetime=%time

g codes in India are nothing but a 10 Digit (9664653344) Global Virtual Number which are operated by cellular providers and can receive a text message to interact with applications and get the desired response. Typical services that can be deployed using a virtual mobile number can be a Request-Response application, Information-on-Demand, Activation of service, etc.

Features of Shared SMS Long code Service.

  • Shared SMS Long-code number 9664653344
  • Keyword: Minimum two characters, subject to availability
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting
  • Email Forwarding (with senders mobile number and message in real time)
  • SMS Forwarding [optional] (20P Per forwarding, will be sent in India only)
  • Customisable welcome message using URL post with option to disable auto-reply.
  • No Data Loss, in-case your URL is down, our system will send an email to you and will retry posting data after 15 minutes till 48 hours
  • Maximum No. of SMS received per day : Unlimited (from India and abroad)
  • Maximum No. of SMS received in one month : Unlimited (from India and abroad)
  • 99.09% Up-time

SMS Long-code Service Cost (Shared) – Keyword Based

Real Time Reporting
All the incoming sms will display in your online account. Online Inbox will display sender’s mobile number, sms content and date time of sms.

API for Application Integration
We allow http api for application conectivity. All incoming sms can be pushed at your server for your keyword.

Real time editing

Any time you can change your Reply sms or API

Long Code SMS Gateway Service Provider India
Did you know that out of the 7.8 billion people who inhabit the Earth, about 6.1 billion use mobile phones? Those figures may not mean anything but a fun fact to a common man but for an enterprising entrepreneurs the numbers spell out a huge market for mobile marketing. Long codes are one of the most effective and latest tools used by smart marketers for enhancing their companies’ revenue. Long code is nothing but a 10 digit virtual phone number which can be used to communicate and connect with customers.

Long codes are used in different ways;

Voting: You can get viewers to call or vote on a particular number with the help of a virtual phone number or long code.

Community Chats: Long codes can be used for creating fan clubs, chat rooms etc for subscribers

Media sectors

Examination Results Announcement: Subscribers can call or text on the long code provided to know examination results

Information on Demand: Subscribers can call on the long code provided to gather any information they require.

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Dedicated Long code: PULL SMS Service

Long code also known as virtual mobile number, is a reception mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages and voice calls. As well as being internationally available, long numbers enable businesses to have their own number, rather than short codes which are generally shared across a lot of brands. Purchase Now