IVR Service Provider

IVR Service – “Interactive voice response” can Allow to system to interact to people through Voice or DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) is the signal to the phone that you generate when you press an Mobile/telephone’s  keys

IVR Service Promotion

IVR acts as a reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment. We provide a 10 Digit landline number, on which the customers can call 24×7. Our IVR systems have been installed in numerous BPOs, Small, Medium & Large companies, Educational institutes, Construction Companies, etc.

IVR Service Feature's

  • Multiple Extensions
  • Real Time Call Logs
  • 100% Data Security
  • Webhook/API
  • Multiple Channel
  • 2-way Prompt SMS
  • Third Party API for SMS
  • Download Reports into Excel
  • Sticky Agent
  • Simultaneous Call

Who Can use IVR Services

  • Banks – Telephone/Mobile Banking can allow to customer to check account balance and transaction history
  • Call Centers – Call Centers can allow to customer select and choose option for multipal service or inquiry.
  • Railway – railway can provide the facility to know Time table, Schedule, fair and etc
  • Corporate – corporate houses can use for provide multipal facility to their client
  • For Surveying – IVR Service mostly used for Televoting
  • Game Show – Game show can allow to provide answer to people
  • Pharma Company – Pharma company can use ivr services to conduct clinical trails and manage large data generation.